About Legacy Moving Services

Our company was started by Lauren Billings & Doug Burack. We have grown because of our sincere commitment, dedication and hard work which ensured that we were able to fully satisfy our customers with our high quality services and safe handling of our customers possessions. We have a qualified team to handle each and every move to make our service stand out in the community.

Despite our competition, we do not use temporary help. We use the same staff day in and day out who are experienced in lifting, loading and the proper handling of others possessions. We have a large repeat customer base using our services. The reason being, we don't compromise on our quality, pricing or timely moves and deliveries. The quality and service we provide our customers is unbeatable.

As an organization we continue to work hard so that we can grow to be a much bigger company so that we can serve more & more customers and also to become a very respectable company in the community.

Lauren Billings - President & Chief Financial Officer

Lauren Billings - President & Chief Financial Officer, Legacy Moving Services

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lauren is a graduate of the University of wisconsin - Madison. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and since 1985 she has been a commissioned officer with the rank of Captain in the United States Air Force Reserve.

About Legacy Moving Services

Doug Burack - Director of Operations

Originally from Miami Beach, Florida, Doug has over 10 years experience in furniture warehousing, shipping and management. His experience with Levitz Furinture, Rhodes and Rooms To Go Furniture included training and supervision of personnel and extensive experience in packing and unpacking fine furniture, professional assembly and disassembly and furniture deluxing. Doug attended The University of Florida and has a degree in Criminal Justice Technology. Doug also has several years experience as a law enforcement officer.