Gun Safe, Piano & Large Item Moving Services

At Legacy Moving Services we not only move your typical home items, we move everything! Whether you need an 800lb gun safe moved, a piano moved, a large water fixture moved, we have the crew and equipment to get it done! Our bread and butter services go well beyond. We have even moved the front ends of cars

Landscaping rock and earth… yes we have even moved that! However, our ad-hock services go beyond that. We install ceiling fans and hang wall fixtures to even hanging flat screen TVs.

Miscellaneous Large Item Movers

If you are needing to move something in your house, hang something on a celing or wall, or simply need a large screen TV picked up from a store, delivered and hung, we have the right crew for the job.

So if you have some odds and ends that need to be moved and placed in your home, give Legacy moving company a call and let us manage the process for you. Our affordable rates are hard to beat and our employees are insured and bonded for you and your home's protection.