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Flat Screen TV Mounting & Installation in Texas & Florida

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Figuring out how to move the flat-screen TV and are frustrated with how it’s going? Not to worry, our professional moving team can move it out and handle the installation at your new place.

Protect Your Flat Screen TV & Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting For You

Having a flat-screen TV isn’t just a fun way to spend your afternoon or to catch up on the Super Bowl. It’s a prized possession you’ve spent hundreds of dollars and time on. It would be detrimental for anything to break your TV during the move, and especially when moving it to a new living room or bedroom. Doing it yourself only maximizes these risks and add more headache and stress to an already tense time in your life. At Legacy Moving Services, we take extra precautions in mounting your flat-screen TV. Since the average TV size is projected to grow even larger in the future, so will the need for more moving professionals to step in.

We’re ready for that challenge because of our combined experience in all sorts of moves. Our goal is to ensure your TV is safely wrapped up and ready for mounting. We’ll keep track of all the pieces you need and more. It’s also nice to know we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call us first for all your moving needs, and keep your legacy intact too! We’ll pack up and load your TV with our advanced television packing techniques.

Should I Hire Professional Movers to Install & Mount My TV?

“Hey, this is my TV we’re talking about. Why should I have someone else move it and mount it for me? I can do it all by myself!” Yes, it’s your TV alright, but it won’t be when it breaks and cracks by accident. You need to hire a professional mover for any television packing job because:


No Items Left Behind

There’s always a chance you’ll forget an important piece for getting your flat screen TV adequately mounted. Not with our help. We’ll triple check everything to ensure we have what we need to complete the job.


Your Average TV Size Will Only Get Bigger

By 2021, your average LCD TV screen size is projected to reach 48.5 inches (The Statistics Portal) !   Flat screen TVs are only going to grow bigger and will be impossible to move by yourself.


Specialty Boxes Available

We work hard to keep your flat screen TV safe during the move by using specialty boxes and wrapping for protection.


Save Time

Even if you could carry the TV set to your new home, and find a way to mount it, you still spent a lot of time in the process. Instead, you can pay our crew a reasonable fee and get it done far faster.

Flat Screen TV Installation Steps

Rest assured your TV will be in safe hands. We always follow these steps for a successful TV mounting experience:

Measure the Height

Give us the spot where you want your TV to be mounted, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll take the time to measure the mounting height and get everything In your desired position.

Use Masking Tape

After taking proper measurements, we mark the place where we’ll mount the TV for you. It’s super important to get this part right or else you’ll have an uneven placement.

Add the Screw Brackets & Attach Your TV

Lastly, we drill holes into the wall, install the screws, the back plate, and everything else so you can start watching TV again in your new home just as you did before.

Why Legacy Moving Services?

We bring you more than just a regular moving experience. Over 100 customers have recommended us on Google alone. The reason why love what we do boils down to these facts:

You’re 100% Insured

Accidents sometimes happen unfortunately, even with the best moving companies in Texas and Florida. If for any reason, you find your belongings damaged after your move, you will be compensated for your loss in no time.

Immediate Response Times

We work hard always to get back to our customers as soon as they call us for help. No delays and no fuss, going above and beyond so you can have a stress-free move.

Reasonable Rates

All our moving rates are entirely within your budget without sacrificing excellent customer service or quality. We have pricing tiers based on the size of your residence and how much space you need.

No Hidden Fees

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and part of the reason is that we’re so transparent with how much you will pay.

Testimonials From Numerous Satisfied Customers

“Great company! The guys took excellent care of my furniture and were very friendly. They were very efficient, and I’ll definitely use them again in the future. Thanks again! “

Payin G.

“Legacy Moving Services unloaded my thousand pound empty gun safe without notice after a cross country move. They unloaded it from the tractor-trailer carefully and with ease…”

Thomas C.

After our family had a highly stressful experience with another moving company, Legacy Moving Services came to our rescue. Time was of the essence because I needed to be out of the home …

Daniel S.

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